HVID titi comforter / pacifier holder / mustard

This Titi pacifier holder is the perfect comforter for your little one.
Made out of 100% merino wool, it gives you little one and comfort and trust.

*Merino wool does not itch and is antibacterial and therefore perfectly suitable for children with eczema or sensitive skin.

Material: 100% merino wool
Made in Belgium


  • It is not necessary to wash merino wool wool often. It has the property that it cleans itself (due to the lanolin it contains)
  • It is sufficient to air the product outside.
  • If you do wash with water: hand wash with lukewarm water (30 °)
  • Machine wash only on special wool program: 30 °, low speed
  • Use a wool washing detergent.

length: 26 cm


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