These baby booties have an ideal fit because they have a real heel shape.
They also stay perfectly at the foot WITH THE RIBBON TIE. 

The booties are made on a 3D knitting machine.

By rubbing the baby's feet, a little fluff is created in the beginning. This fluff is completely transferred after wearing several times .

*Merino wool does not itch and is antibacterial and therefore perfectly suitable for children with eczema or sensitive skin.

°Material: 100 % extra fine Italian merino wool (oeko-tex)
° size: 0-12 month
° Dimensions: length: 9.5 cm
° Made in Belgium 

° Washing 

  • It is not necessary to wash merino wool often. It has the property that it cleans itself (due to the lanolin it contains)
  • It is sufficient to air the product outside.
  • If you do wash with water: hand wash with lukewarm water (30 °)
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